Raising A Child – Traumatic Stops and Constructive Steps

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  • Medaim Yanık
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Human life is full of happy, sad or traumatic stops, some of which can make us stronger and some are to bring difficulties, pulling and wearing us down. Experiences from childhood have long-term and deep effects on a person. This shows us the importance to develop conscious behaviors as parents and feel the responsibility in raising children at peace with themselves. Raising Children holds a mirror to parents about traumatic mistakes, healthy steps and their consequences with this very aim with very effective tips for parenting.

Pr. Dr. Medaim Yanik, a very well-known researcher and author, have worked with several support teams to write this book to enrichen his book with more and easy-to-practice solutions. He aims at addressing at not only parents but also everyone involved in child development. He exemplifies behaviors with negative effects as red card metaphor along with positive ones as green card.

“This book is the result of a study where adults shared their past experiences and memories with both positive and negative impacts.”

About writer:

Prof. Dr. Medaim Yanık started his medical education in 1987 at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. He gained his proficiency in mental health and disorders at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 2000. He worked as a faculty member and head of department at Harran University Medical Faculty Department of Psychiatry between years 2000-2005. The he became associate professor in the field of Mental Health and Disorders. He worked as head doctor and clinic chief at Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Psychiatric Training and Research Hospital. In due time, he managed the transition process of electroconvulsive therapy conducted with anesthesia and neuromuscular blocking agent. And he also worked as the consultant for the Minister of Health. In this period, he worked on several titles such as, “mental health action plan”, “transition to mental health in respect of society”, “enhancing psychiatric centers.”

He worked as the founder-lecturer of Psychology Department at Istanbul Şehir University between 2009-2015. He became professor in 2010. In 2017, he started giving lectures in İbn Haldun University Faculty of Psychology. He also offers service in his clinic. His dissertation was on traumatic experiences of dissociative disorders. He studied forgetting and remembering physical, emotional and sexual traumas experienced in childhood and its correlation with dissociative symptoms. Psychotherapy on people with dissociative disorder is one his professional fields. He has also research on “family and marriage relationships”.  Prof. Dr. Yanık has many articles published abroad.


This book carries many familiar moments which you can face in your own daily lives. Well-known writer Prof. Dr. Medaim Yanık studies available methods to create “happy” families, which is the major social institution in our age. And he devotedly prepared this book to help raising “happy” children, which is a masterpiece in its field.

Raising A Child, hold a mirror to real-life anecdotes, imposing experiences and offers vital suggestions with a constructive and restorative way of expression.

This book will shed light on parents who intend to see what they did wrong before it’s too late, teachers and everyone else who care about children and help us to have a better understanding both ourselves and our future.

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