Refugee Perfume


Thousands of survivors of war, disappearing into the dark waters of the Aegean Sea, did not reach the new life they dreamt of. World public opinion has always listened to their story. Experts, official authorities, the number of counties, even the water of the sea heard their stories from other people. This time the story tells the true subjects. We listen to the war, the longing, the fear, the wait, the push, the disappointment, the hopes and the lives of the refugees living out of backpacks. Ayşe Böhürler, started with them from Syria to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and passed through the Danish border. They hope for a life to be rebuilt, staying in the camps, trying to complete the papers, trying to cope with the Islamophobic attacks, learning a new language different from the alphabet and dreams of the beautiful Syrian days when there was no war. Everything is happening with them, not on behalf of them… between Syria and Denmark, about 3 thousand 800 kilometers on the shortest path. Walk along with the refugees on this road where you are a life, a child, and a fearful, hiding place! Pray for your life in their boots, wait indefinitely for a while, and be “admitted” for a certain number of times. Listen to their story, from themselves.

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