The Most Ordinary Tree of the Forest

  • Author
  • Hatice Tülin Özdemir
  • Illustrator
  • Büşra Kaygın
  • Translator
  • Tuğçe Togo
  • Size
  • 21 x 26 cm
  • Page
  • 32
  • Age
  • 5+
  • Binding
  • Paperback
  • Rights Sold
  • Nepal


“Yes, maybe I’m not very tall
and my leaves, not very thick at all
but I’m unique too, I know,
Someone is going to see me somehow.”

Everyone is unique. Every child, every adult, every person is unique and one of a kind. However sometimes it takes some children longer to understand their uniqueness. This book takes on this delicate topic in the beautiful environment of a forest, in the form of a beautiful story and makes children and nature the heroes! Pitipat is an ordinary tree in the most beautiful forest in the world. While all the other plants and animals and bugs talk about their talents and features, Pitipat has nothing to say. Until one day a group of students comes to the forest and are all in awe of Pitipat. Wonder what caught their attention so much.

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