The Story of Nasreddin Hodja and the Stingy Neighbor

  • Author
  • Melike Günyüz
  • Illustrator
  • Ceyhun Şen
  • Size
  • 21x26
  • Page
  • 24
  • Age
  • 6+
  • Binding
  • Hard Cover
  • Rights Sold
  • Nepal, Bosnia


Our good old friend from Akşehir, Nasrettin Hodja, was both very wise and witty. In his day, everyone knew that he was also very helpful and very generous. But Nasrettin Hodja had a neighbor who was as stingy as he could be also he knew about everything that came in and out of Nasreddin Hodja’s house. To put a stop to this, Hodja made a cauldron give birth and even sprinkled some flour out on a clothesline but nothing seemed to work… After all, a tiger can’t change its stripes…

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